Commit ba35e132 authored by mjg226's avatar mjg226
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Fixed casting issue in Table.hpp

updated logic in boxlist::add for when a box is completely within another
parent 0d420400
......@@ -178,10 +178,20 @@ namespace CA {
for(Boxes::iterator iorg = _boxes.begin(); iorg!= _boxes.end(); ++iorg)
// Cycle trough all the boxes to add.
for(Boxes::iterator iadd = toadd.begin(); iadd!= toadd.end(); ++iadd)
for(Boxes::iterator iadd = toadd.begin(); iadd!= toadd.end() && !toadd.empty(); ++iadd)
// if box to add is completely within an existing box, then
if ((*iorg).Union((*iadd), (*iorg)) == (*iorg)) {
// Check if they intersect.
if( (*iorg).intersect((*iadd)) )
if( (*iorg).intersect((*iadd))
// The boxes can be defined in terms of their spans on each
// axis - It is possible find the interesting points on each
......@@ -183,7 +183,7 @@ namespace CA {
Unsigned mem_size = std::min<CA::Real>(std::min<CA::Real>(stop - start, mem_num)*sizeof(T), _buff_size);
Unsigned mem_size = std::min<CA::Unsigned>(std::min<CA::Unsigned>(stop - start, mem_num)*sizeof(T), _buff_size);
// Create the list of event t0 wait.
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