Commit e8c9691e authored by Luís de Sousa's avatar Luís de Sousa
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Corrected template types used with readAsciiGridHeaderLine.

parent 5a46c370
......@@ -90,8 +90,8 @@ namespace CA {
//! Reads the header of an hexagonal ASCII raster file
inline void loadAsciiGridHeader(const std::string& filename, std::ifstream& infile, bool print = false)
readAsciiGridHeaderLine<unsigned int>(filename, infile, AsciiGridGeneral<T>::ncols, key_ncols, false);
readAsciiGridHeaderLine<unsigned int>(filename, infile, AsciiGridGeneral<T>::nrows, key_nrows, false);
readAsciiGridHeaderLine<CA::Unsigned>(filename, infile, AsciiGridGeneral<T>::ncols, key_ncols, false);
readAsciiGridHeaderLine<CA::Unsigned>(filename, infile, AsciiGridGeneral<T>::nrows, key_nrows, false);
readAsciiGridHeaderLine<double>(filename, infile, AsciiGridGeneral<T>::xllcorner, key_xll, false);
readAsciiGridHeaderLine<double>(filename, infile, AsciiGridGeneral<T>::yllcorner, key_yll, false);
readAsciiGridHeaderLine<double>(filename, infile, AsciiGridGeneral<T>::cellsize, key_side, false);
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