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updating instriuctions

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......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ scp example_location_1/s2p3_rv2.0_forcing/s12_m2_s2_n2_h_map.dat example_locatio
scp example_location_1/s2p3_rv2.0_forcing/initial_nitrate.dat example_location_2/s2p3_rv2.0/domain
scp -r example_location_1/s2p3_rv2.0_forcing/met_data/meterological_datalat*lon*.dat example_location_2/s2p3_rv2.0/met/spatial_data/
scp -r example_location_1/s2p3_rv2.0_met_data/met_data_*.tar.gz example_location_2/my_runs_met_data
#running the model
......@@ -58,6 +58,10 @@ s2p3_rv2.0/main/
Here you must change the line 'base_directory = ...' to point to the s2p3_rv2.0 directory on your computer
You will also probably have to edit the 'met_data_location = ' to point to the locatino you have copied the tar.gz met files to (example_location_2/my_runs_met_data in the example above)
You may also have to create the tempoarry directory which will hold the untarred and gziped met files (e.g. met_data_temporary_location = base_directory+'met/spatial_data/')
You may well also want to change the number or processors, output file names etc. here
then run with either:
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