Commit 78c4a7ab authored by ph290's avatar ph290
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big fix

parent dc9c1e9f
......@@ -881,7 +881,7 @@ real :: woa_nutrient_tmp, woa_nutrient
read(1,'(i1)') imode
do i = 2,iline+1
read(1,'(f8.3,f8.3,68x,f6.1)') lon,lat,alldepth
read(1,'(f8.3,f8.3,62x,f6.1)') lon,lat,alldepth
! read(1,'(f8.3,f8.3,38x,f6.1)') lon,lat,alldepth
!write(6,'(f8.3,f8.3,38x,f6.1)') lon,lat,alldepth
if(i.eq.iline+1) newdepth = alldepth
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